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About Us

Overseas Import Export, Inc. is an import/export company based in Houston, Texas, USA. This company is a family owned busines and we strive to make it better. We believe the our customers are the reason we are in business and we do our best to make sure they are satisfied. Our company specializes in used and recycled goods such as clothing, shoes, rags, and vintage items. These items are sorted, graded, and exported all around the world. Since, we pride ourself in the quality of our products, we do not 'cherry pick'.

FRIPPERY Frippery MITUMBA Mitumba SECOND HAND CLOTHING Second hand clothing USED CLOTHING Used clothing ROPA USADA Ropa usada ROPA AMERICANA Ropa Americana FARDO AMERICANA Fardo Americana

The 126,000 sq. ft. facility helps provide a more efficient way of producing and exporting goods. We employ more than 100 workers who are trained in grading and sorting second hand goods.

We stand for efficiency, professionalism, quality, and long term relations. So please contact our professional staff on any of your exporting needs.

Business Information

Aziz MP. Momin - Sales Department
Shahid Momin - Vintage/Production Supervisor

1800 South Street
Houston, Texas 77009 USA
p: 713.225.5511
f: 713.225.5533
e: overseas@overseastrade.com